Photographs from the Memorial

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Gordon Campbell
I saw you up the mountain,
Walking through the haze,
In sooted turnouts dusty yellow,
Cast dark against the blaze.
I’m sure I did. You can’t be missed!
You are someone I know.
One I’ll never fail to see,
Where ever I must go.

It was where I fought beside you,
And cried as you were lost.
Right there beside the memory,
Of what our fight has cost.
I know that’s where I saw you,
And it’s where I see you still,
All double-time and courage,
As we charge another hill.

I saw you at the base camp
With your cup, and yes, a joke,
And the rasping of your laughter,
Meant to wash away the smoke.
You were with me in the chowline
At the table saying grace
And I prayed like anything
“Just once, Lord, let me see that face.”

I saw you up the mountain,
And I’ll see you there again,
And every place they send me,
Where the fire is, and then,
I’ll watch the plume rise upward,
As it lilts from star to star,
Outward past heaven’s wild lands,
To where you really are.
New moon over the memorial site, the night before ashes are scattered ©Karen Anderson
The memorial created for Brian - includes a nomex fire shirt, and his firefighting boots.© Karen Anderson  A small container of his ashes, some photos and some personal notes were left in the boots.  A purple ribbon, in honor of fallen firefighters everywhere is tied to one of the boots.  (The wine bottle belongs to Brian's mom and sister, when they christened the spot for the marker where Bob and Judy's ashes will eventually be scattered.
Along the ridge, looking at the memorial from the north. © Karen Anderson
View looking towards the memorial from the Northeast © Karen Anderson (the memorial is in a tree to the left of the dead red tree in the center of the picture)
Balloons released after the ashes were scattered - flying over the 80 © Karen Anderson
View from Brian's tree, overlooking the ranch buildings to the southeast
View from the tree ©Karen Anderson

The entire memorial (white backing on the sign to make it easier to read in photos)

We had planned to release these balloons.  As I was taking a few pictures, the pink one, designated for Amanda, somehow broke free of the securely tied group and floated skyward.  Brian sure wanted a piece of Amanda with him!


  1. You are never alone

  2. Still miss you Pal. Miss our calls and your laugh!!

  3. Sometimes I'm Mad at you, sometimes I'm Sad for you. I will always miss you Buddy.
    Dennis R. Sheridan